Pronouncing Adames

  • Upon meeting me, people often ask how to pronounce my last name. Despite the resemblance, it is not pronounced like the “Adams” in “John Adams” or the “Addams” in The Addams Family. There are three perfectly acceptable ways to pronounce my name:

    1. uh-dahm-ehz
      • uh – like the “u” in “umbrella.”
      • dahm – like the “Dom” in “Dominic”
      • ehz – like the “ez” in “Fernandez”
    2. uh-dahm-ihs
      • “uh” and “dahm” are pronounced as described above
      • ihs – like the “is” in “this”
    3. ah-dah-meh
      • ah – like the first syllable of the Spanish word “habla”
      • dah – like the “da” in the Spanish word “comida”
      • meh – like the “me” in the Spanish word “medico”

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