Social Science Podcasts

For those interested in learning more about social science research, below is a list of podcasts that cover research across the social science disciplines. Some podcasts are listed more than once because they are interdisciplinary.


An Economist Goes to College

Education Research Reading Room

Emerging Research in Educational Psychology


Green Apple Pod

Harvard EdCast

Have You Heard

Higher Education Researcher

The Learning Scientists Podcasts

Meet the Education Researcher

New Books in Education

Research in Action

Research Minutes

SAGE Education

Geography, Urban Planning, and Spatial Science

The Funambulist

Housing Journal Podcast

Isn’t That Spatial?

Mobilities and Methods

New Books in Geography

Planning Ideas Matter (dusp@MIT)

UCLA Housing Voice

A VerySpatial Podcast



More Perfect

New Books in Law

Probable Causation

Political Science

The American Ingredient

New Books in Political Science

New Dawn

Politics and Polls

The Politics Guys


SAGE Political Science and International Relations

Scope Conditions


Action Design Radio

The Behavioural Vaccine


The Happiness Lab

Hidden Brain


New Books in Psychology



SAGE Psychology

Stanford Psychology Podcast

Talking About Organizations

Two Psychologists Four Beers

Very Bad Wizards

Within & Between

You Are Not So Smart

Public Health + Epidemiology

The Behavioural Vaccine

Casual Inference

Epidemiology Counts

Flip the Script

Freakonomics, M.D.

Free Associations

Healthcare Triage

New Books in Drugs, Addiction, and Recovery

Population Healthy

The Pulse


Sick Individuals/Sick Populations


Public Policy

Closer Look – Journal of Policy Analysis & Management (JPAM)

Critical Value – Urban Institute

Evidence First – MDRC

Evaluate This! – IMPAQ International and Causal Design

Gov Innovator


The Intersect – Abt Associates

On the Evidence – Mathematica Policy Research


Policy 360

The Policy Agenda

Policy Currents – Rand Corp

Poverty Research & Policy

Talke Policy to Me

Then & Now

UCLA Housing Voice

Ways & Means

The Wonk

Social Scientific Study of Religion

The Religious Studies Project

Science & Belief in Society Podcast


The Annex

The B-Side


The Criminology Academy

Digital Sociology

Ethnographic Marginalia

Exploring Sociological Theory

Give Methods a Chance

Give Theory a Chance

Knitting Networks

The Inequality Podcast

New Books in Sociology

Office Hours

SAGE Criminology

SAGE Sociology

Sociologia con Acento

The Sociological Review Podcast

The Sociology Show

Sick Individuals/Sick Populations

Thinking Allowed

This Week in Sociological Perspective

Who Do We Think We Are?


Casual Inference

Not So Standard Deviations


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